An Open Missive to the Seanchan Empire

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An Open Missive to the Seanchan Empire

Postby Weir » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:19 am

This letter is written to whoever has the authority to represent the organized armies of the Seanchan Empire. The Shienaran Lancers, as representatives of King Easar, wish to open negotiations with the Seanchan armies with the expectation of moving past old transgressions and bringing the Seanchan Empire into the fight against the Shadow along the Blightborder.

The Lancer Council is asking that a person or group of people who have the authority to speak for all of the organized Seanchan armies send a collective letter to the Council to begin these talks, so that we may make it known what our expectations will be moving forward. Please decide who these representatives will be, ensure they have the authority we ask, and then let myself, Lord Benito, and Lord Cale know by written message.

Representing the Shienaran Lancers and the Lancer Council,
Lord Weir

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