Matters of state

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Matters of state

Postby Anjen » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:42 am

Greetings to all,

I have heard the discontent rumblings of southern lords, along with the requisite chest thumping and nose thumbing that accompanies such rumblings. Know this, the north is a battleground. It has been and shall be a battleground and it needs its warriors. The Borderguard will not turn away willing soldiers, nor do we wish to fight a war on two fronts. Not when the threat to mankind's very existence is already at our doorstep.
Know that you condemn our actions because you have the luxury to do so, wrapped in petty squabbles of political posturing by not being faced with the rising tide of the Shadow day in and day out. What you do in the south is of your concern, we will not burden ourselves by attempting to interfere where we have no business. But know that should you spill the blood of a man on northern soil, a man who’s blade could have opened the belly of a trolloc or taken the head of a halfman, you do the Dark One’s work and are not welcome here. Keep your wars where they belong; in the south. Should you realize the nature of the true enemy in Shayol Ghul, we will welcome you gladly.

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