Yasmin the Deranged of the Stone Council

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Yasmin the Deranged of the Stone Council

Postby Kerryk » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:16 pm

We in Illian do be hearing that Yasmin the Deranged of the Stone has been making many statements regarding Illian’s stance of the impending alliance between the borderland nations and the Seanchan Empire. We do be wondering when Yasmin swore the oaths to these invades as her commentary and policy edicts can only be seen as supporting the Seanchan. While we are at war with Tear, we do also sympathize and send our condolences to the High Lords for having your nation be subverted by Yasmin’s obvious corruption. Furthermore, we in Illian have heard rumor that Yasmin the Deranged of the Stone recently took the scalps of fallen soldiers in battle for her own purposes, which we do be believing is against the orders send abroad to the nations of the light by Lord Corath himself.

Illian do be asking ALL the nations of the light to consider the ramifications of this treaty that the borderland nations are attempting to make with the Seanchan. Here in Illian OUR blight is the Sea of Storms and the Aryth Ocean. Across it comes Shadowspawn that name themselves the Seanchan to kill and subject OUR people. Do be no letting the shadow blind you to the evil that comes from the west.

I, Kerryk Medakan, Under-lieutenant and Council for the Illian Companion do know be declaring Yasmin the Deranged as a Seanchan sworn and a Darkfriend.

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