A Treaty between the Seanchan Empire and Shienar

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A Treaty between the Seanchan Empire and Shienar

Postby Weir » Thu May 10, 2018 5:14 pm

An agreement has been reached between the Shienaran Lancers, as representatives of Shienar, a members of the Seanchan armies, as representatives of the Seanchan Empire.

1) All Seanchan army members will have their existing warrants removed. This will be conducted on a person to person basis, with records kept.

2) Any Seanchan not directly affiliated with an army regiment must ask for warrant removal on a case-by-case basis.

3) All Seanchan will be welcomed north, required to obey all laws of Shienar the same as anyone else, and likewise under the protection of the laws of Shienar. The laws of Shienar will be amended concerning the Seanchan Empire to reflect this treaty.

4) Any Seanchan directly witnessed breaking a law will be immediately warranted and no longer welcomed in Shienar until atonement has occurred.

5) Any report of a Seanchan breaking the laws that was not witnessed by others will be investigated fully by the Lancer Council, with findings reported to their superior and any necessary action taken.

6) Any Seanchan army member who proves to be too much of a threat to our allies elsewhere will be addressed with the Seanchan army leadership, with necessary action taken up to removal of their welcome in our lands.
To make this very clear, this does not preclude Seanchan who same-side down south from coming north, but if there is a habit of griefing people down south, or reports of fighting bleeding to the north, we will respond.

7) All Seanchan army members who come north to aid against the Shadow will be expected to display their allegiance openly.

We understand that these actions will cause friction. Our ultimate goal is to have able bodies in the north to protect the Blightborder against the Shadow. If troubles arise, please bring all concerns to the Lancer Council.

On behalf of the Shienaran Lancers and Shienar,
Lord Weir [Shienaran Lancer Council]

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