The Laws of Tear

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The Laws of Tear

Postby Fuujin » Wed Jun 20, 2018 9:03 pm

The following are the Laws of Tear as decreed by The Council of High Lords. As both the Military Body and Law Enforcement Agents of Tear, the Defenders of the Stone are responsible for upholding the Law and for the punishment of Lawbreakers.

1.1 Law. The system of regulations to govern the conduct of lawful visitors and the people of the nation of Tear in the response to the need of regularity, consistency and justice based upon the peoples needs as decreed by The Council of High Lords.
1.2 The Council of High Lords. The Council of High Lords is the ruling body of Tear.
1.3 Tear. Tear is used to refer to both the Nation of Tear and the city of Tear. The nation of Tear stretches to the north as far as "Road Near a Low Hill" just south of Far Madding and the Maredo Plains to the Eastern Gate of Luggard, encompasses all of Haddon Mirk and as far as “Within the Dragon Wall” in the southern spine, all of the land to the east up to and including the City of Mayene and to the west all of the Essenian Way commonly known as the Tear to Illian Road.
1.4 Defenders of the Stone. The Defenders of the Stone henceforth written as DOTS are the Martial Arm and Law Enforcement agents of the nation of Tear. The DOTS are the Legal Representatives of the City and Nation of Tear.
1.5 Treaty. A written agreement between the ruling bodies or their Legal Representatives of two Cities or Nations.
1.6 Legal Representative. Group or persons who can legally represent the wishes of the ruling body of a City and/or Nation.
1.7 Channeling. The use of the One Power.
1.8 Hunting. The act of tracking and assaulting criminals with the intent to capture or kill.
1.9 DOTS. DOTS refers to the Defenders of the stone and/or a Defender of the Stone.

2.1 Any current and agreed Treaty shall take precedence over any conflicting Tairen Law for as long as the Treaty is in place and terms of the Treaty are still honored by all involved.
2.2 The Law of Tear takes precedence over any Foreign Law of any other City or Nation when applied within the City and Nation of Tear.
2.3 The peoples of Tear and the DOTS are subject to the foreign Law of any City or Nation while within its bounds. All foreign Law is superseded while within the City and Nation or Tear.

Clause 3 - COMMON LAW:
3.1 Authorities.
3.1.1 DOTS is the Authority in Tear.
3.1.2 Any DOTS has the Authority to issue an order within Tear.
3.1.3 Any DOTS has the Authority request that a warrant be issued.
3.1.4 Any DOTS of Rank 4 or higher has the Authority to Issue a warrant.
3.1.5 Rank of a DOTS sets precedence of orders.
3.1.6 The DOTS council has precedence of all matters of Law within Tear.
3.1.7 Rank of DOTS sets precedence on all matters of Martial significance within Tear.
3.1.8 No DOTS has the Authority to order you to become involved in any battle, defense and/or exploration within Tear.
3.2 Appeal.
3.2.1 Every human has right to appeal.
3.2.2 While appeal is under consideration any current order or warrant in place remains valid unless agreed otherwise.
3.2.3 DOTS of higher Rank may overrule the decision of a DOTS of lower rank.
3.2.4 DOTS Council has the final decision and is the highest court of appeal.
3.3 Offenses which may incur a warrant under Tairen Law.
3.3.1 Channeling within the City of Tear, refer to Clause 4.
3.3.2 Unlawful hunting within Tear, refer to Clause 5.
3.3.3 Theft.
3.3.4 Assault on a Human.
3.3.5 Assault on a Steed excluding those of the Dark or the Seanchan.
3.3.6 Murder.
3.3.7 Holding an Angreal or Sa'angreal.
3.3.8 Wearing equipment which is issuable exclusively to the minions of the Dark Ones minions.
3.3.9 Wearing equipment which is issuable exclusively to those of the Seanchan empire.
3.3.10 The use of equipment which is issuable exclusively to the DOTS by any other than a DOTS.
3.3.11 Disobeying a direct order issued by a DOTS.

Clause 4 - CHANNELING:
4.1 Channeling is forbidden within the City of Tear.
4.1.1 Minor infringement Channeling includes all non-offensive weaves.
4.1.2 Major infringement Channeling includes all offensive weaves and all normally undetectable weaves.
4.1.3 Extreme infringement channeling includes but is not limited to; the use of any weave channeled against the DOTS and the use of any weave occasioning in death.
4.2 Punishment for Channeling infringements;
4.2.1 Minor Infringement - Offender escorted from the City of Tear. Repeat offense or refusal to follow DOTS orders may result in banishment or warrant.
4.2.2 Major Infringement - Offender shall receive banishment or warrant.
4.2.3 Extreme Infringement - Offender Warranted and/or attacked instantly. Repeat offense may result in the issue of a permanent and irrevocable warrant.
4.3 Channeling in self defense is not a legally accepted defense, refer to Clause 4.1.
4.4 DOTS are lawfully enabled to upgrade or downgrade the perceived severity of any infringement at the sole discretion of the DOTS Council or the highest ranking DOTS at the time of incident.
4.5 Any command issued by a DOTS must be followed without argument or hesitation. Any resistance to a command issued by a DOTS may result in an upgrading of infringement severity.

Clause 5 - HUNTING:
5.1 Minions of the dark including Dread Lords, Myrdraal, Trollocs and Known Dark Friends may be hunted in Tear.
5.2 Those of the Seanchan Empire may be hunted in Tear.
5.3 Any and all Tear wanted/s may be freely hunted while in Tear.
5.4 Any DOTS has the right to assess which Dark Minion, Seanchan or Wanted is of greatest threat and may attack the greatest perceived threat without prejudice.
5.5 Any human without a Tear warrant may seek sanctuary within Tear and shall fall under the jurisdiction of Tear and subject to Tairen Law.
5.6 A person warranted by other Cities or Nations may not be hunted in tear unless an exception in made by a DOTS.
5.7 Any person(s) fleeing towards Tear seeking sanctuary may be banished or warranted by DOTS.
5.8 DOTS reserve the right to call off any attack in Tear at any time.
5.9 Unauthorized hunting within Tear is a warrant worthy offense.

6.1 The issue of warrants for the following offenses is at the sole discretion of the DOTS
6.2 On the 9th day of Nesan all non-DOTS must wear a red hat with a white tassel while in Tear or be deemed a Darkfriend.
6.3 It is illegal to wear bright pink pants after midday.
6.4 No cart may be hitched to a black stallion and driven through Tear Central Square during the month of Amadaine.
6.5 No pig may be addressed as Your Lordship.
6.6 It is illegal to roam the streets wearing black clothes, felt shoes and black shoe polish on your face as these items are the tools of a professional burglar.
6.7 It is illegal to sell one's eyes.

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