The Death of the Lord Captain Commander

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The Death of the Lord Captain Commander

Postby Rentris » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:32 am

After the sacking and burning of the village of Emond's Field at the hands of the Children of the Light, the corpses of men, women and children lay strewn on the Village Green. Most were simple farmers. All were slain in the fanatical sense of bringing Light to a simple village where the pickings were easiest. Eighty three innocents sent to the creator by the proclaimed tally of one Child Anor.

After recovering from wounds sustained in the slaughter, the Dai Shans Rentris, Avail and Kelvan took over the leadership of the Red Eagles and set about a plan to strike back.

The Coplin family, commonly known as trouble makers and complainers within the village, redeemed their family name and sent one of their own to the Fortress of the Children. There he waited for the most secure area of the Fortress to open. An unsuspecting Second Squadman eventually walked through, unknowingly allowing access. There the Coplin hid.

The soldiers of Manetheren rode south tonight to Amadicia where the door was opened by Vargo Coplin.

No leader of this corrupted establishment was spared. Lord-Captain Bornhald and Lord-Captain Valda were felled first.
Lord-Captain Commander Pedron Niall hid in his apartments as the battle cries resounded through the hallways of fortress.

Pedron Niall was executed for ordering the crimes against Manetheren. The number eighty three was carved into his corpse. His body was dragged to the wagon bridge and strung up as another scarecrow for the fields. His head now adorns the mantle of the Red Eagle manor.

Manetheren sind de'hessa ishavid.
Manetheren never forgives betrayal.

Rentris the Dai Shan
Avail the Dai Shan
Maral the Trolloc Dancer
Jearom the True Blood
Relik the Squire
Nigel the Squire
Vargo Coplin

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