Keeping the peace in Emonds Field (Declaration of War against Red Eagles)

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Keeping the peace in Emonds Field (Declaration of War against Red Eagles)

Postby Anor » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:39 pm

A note has been nailed to every post, door, bridge, lamp and sheep throughout Emonds Field

For many months the Children of the Light have been stationed in Emonds Field to keep the peace. The power gained by those farmers claiming to hear voices of ages past has corrupted their minds. This is not the first time the Children of the Light have fought in Emonds Field however. Gleemen still tell stories of the great war of independence where legions of Children led the farmers to victory in overthrowing their oppressors in Andor. Yet it seems they have forgotten those times and now strike at the very hand that freed them.

Just recently a group of these mentally deficient farmers led an attack on the Fortress of Light. Retribution for our efforts to keep the peace within their homelands they claim. We see it as a declaration of war. As such we have no option but to redouble our efforts to free the innocent citizens of Emonds Field.

The Children of the Light have set up tents in the area known as the Loggers Camp on the northern border of Amadicia. Refugees from Emonds Field will be provided with a safe place from the upcoming fighting. Clothing, beds, food and medical treatment from the very best Amadician Hedgedoctors will be provided to everyone.

  • Free hunting rights within Emonds Field for a period of 6 months. This means no repercussions or warrants as a result of any attacks initiated by the forces of the Light.
  • Replacement of the patrol around Wagon Bridge with a unit of Children of the Light for a period of 6 months.
  • A public apology and admission of wrongdoing by all members of the Red Eagles.
  • Submission for execution of everyone involved in the attack on the Fortress of Light.
  • The severed head of Jorran Burdal delivered to the Fortress of Light on a silver platter. His replacement is to be vetted by the Council of the Anointed.

OOC note: We are not declaring war but instead responding to the declaration made by the eagles. Only included declaration in the title to adhere to the war rules.

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