Stories spread through Merchants and Traders.

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Stories spread through Merchants and Traders.

Postby gralin » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:26 pm

The news quickly spread through the citizens and traders that had been present for the market day in Amador. Merchants from as far as Cairhien, Bandar Eban and Tear had been exchanging goods. Suddenly they looked on in disbelief; yet their eyes were not deceiving them.

The White Tower has invaded a peaceful city, Gaidin and Aes Sedai Witches, bearing the colours of Yellow were rampaging through the streets. The young children fleeing from their games, crushed by the horses hooves, their dolls and toys scattered across the Serenda Street, with the laughter of the witches echoing down the streets delighted by the chaos they had caused.

Shocked and scared as the infants fled running behind the soldiers of the Light who had rallied from their patrol to save them. The Children and Hand of Light had to leave a fight against trollocs and the shadow in Andor to save the lives of the innocent traders. How well planned for the Witches to order their trollocs to attack Andor. A great distraction so that the patrol of Children were fighting allowing them easy access to the city to slay it’s innocent citizens on market day.

The citizens of Amador were used to the lies and deceit of the White Tower. They had warned fellow Light Serving nations of the dangers of the Witches. Now however it was the visitors to Amador who watched, first hand, the Truth. Devastation and murder by the Yellow Witch; a peaceful day turned to violence by her actions. How could they attack in this way? Had the not been promised the Tower would not attack innocents in this way.

With her weapon held high and citizens fleeing the Market the Truth was now finally clear for all. The Witches do indeed attack the innocent, they do serve the Shadow. Why else would they enter the city while the Children are fighting the Shadow and risking their lives to defend Andor? Why else kill and destroy- what business had the Witches and their lap dogs to be in this city?

As the Merchants from Tear looked on they were not as surprised as some. In the taverns they told a similar take of how the Tower had attacked people in their city as well. Again the Witches serving the Shadow attacked innocents, broke their city laws and used the Creators power on innocent lives.

The Children of the Light had warned that the Tower Witches were deceitful and servants of the Shadow. Now this had been witnessed by people from across the lands and through the testimony of those that survived the attack on Amador the Truth is known.

It is no longer just the Children of the Light, no longer just the Hand of the Light that are spreading the Truth. As merchants walked home or travelled on their ships still shaken and in shock, the news of the Witches attacking a city of innocent humans spread.

The Oath that the Witches make claiming that they would only ever attack another human in self defence has now at last been proven to be a lie- by their actions, by the testimony of ordinary merchants and traders who saw the Tower invade as an army where they had no right to be.

“Will the Tower descend on our market day next?” “Will we by the ones that suffer at their hands next?”. The questions were now being asking and the answer that they now know to be true was yes, they could be the next victims.

By their own actions they have shown their ‘Oaths’ to be lies. As news travelled of the attack, more Soldiers started to enter Amador. The ranks of the Children started to grow. In an effort to protect their families, with clear proof the Tower was a servant of the Shadow, the people could no longer believe the deceit and rallied to the Light.

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