An announcement from the Hall of Sitters

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An announcement from the Hall of Sitters

Postby Nevirha » Sun Jul 15, 2018 1:30 pm

To all concerned:

The Hall of Sitters has decreed the following in response to the hostilities displayed by the Defenders of the Stone:

  • Imports from Tear will cease at once. Tear has long been a source of oils, silks, and fish for the White Tower, but their hostilities towards us make it so trade has become perilous. We will increase our imports from Illian and Mayene to make up the deficit from Tairen imports.

  • Any Defender in immediate area (zone) as a member of the White Tower will be considered a threat whether they are warranted or not. We will first ask them to leave our area, and if they refuse, we will assume that our request for peace has been denied. At this point, the Defender will be considered an immediate threat to our person.

  • If a Defender enters the same zone as a White Tower member and then becomes hidden (uses the hide skill) in the same room as the Tower member, this will be considered an act of aggression. This will be met with force and will allow the White Tower member(s) to engage in open combat against the Defender.

  • Defenders are to be banished from Tar Valon and all lands under our control immediately. If they enter our lands, we will consider that an act of aggression and defend ourselves from that act. Citizens of Tear unaffiliated with the Defenders or any Tairen military are still welcome to Tar Valon, and we will accept any girl with the spark, regardless of their citizenship. The borders of Tar Valon are defined as:

    Western border
    All west, 6 south of Gate to Alindaer

    The Tar Valon Road
    You are traveling on the road to Tar Valon, a well-constructed avenue
    connecting Caemlyn and the city of women. The excellent condition of the
    road presents you with easy travelling. Fences to either side protect
    farmers' crops from the hungry trespasser.
    [ obvious exits: N S ]
    A squat border stone juts from the soil.

    Southeastern border
    All east, all south, west, south, east, south, all east, 4 south Gate to Osenrein

    The Outskirts of the Village
    A small village of stone and brick houses lies to the north, the roadway
    packed hard from constant travel. To the south is a dense forest, whose
    boughs create a perpetual twilight at the border where the road disappears
    into its quiet depths.
    [ obvious exits: N S ]
    A squat border stone juts from the soil.

    Northeastern border
    All east, 3 north of Gate to Daghain

    The Tar Valon Road
    This wide road is unpaved, but the dirt has been compacted over years of
    use by wagons, carriages, and carts as well as countless travelers. There
    is a trench on either side of the road to prevent most wild animals from
    wandering onto this major artery.
    [ obvious exits: N E S ]
    A squat border stone juts from the soil.

  • If a Defender is caught with an object of Power, or an object belonging to the White Tower, this will be considered warrantable. All angreal, ter'angreal, sa'angreal or Tar Valon specific items, are property of the White Tower. Theft against the White Tower is prosecuted by the White Tower.

    Objects belonging to the White Tower include:

    • A dress with colored bands at the hem
    • A great serpent ring
    • A beautifully worked great serpent ring
    • A silver belt adorned with sapphires
    • A tawny riding cloak embroidered with a streith flame
    • A gray silk dress embroidered with white tear drops
    • An elegant riding dress of dark green silk
    • A scarlet cloak of soft velvet
    • A gown of shimmering white silk
    • A gold mesh belt secured with a white flame clasp
    • A cloak of shifting colors
    • A weathered, storm-gray gorget
    • A dark cloak, worked with the flame of Tar Valon
    • A cuendillar teardrop on a white-steel chain

Riva Sedai, Blue Ajah Sitter
Damena Sedai, Brown Ajah Sitter
Erulisse Sedai, Brown Ajah Sitter
Nevirha Sedai, Gray Ajah Sitter
Alaina Sedai, Green Ajah Sitter
Melyssan Sedai, Green Ajah Sitter
Aishana Sedai, Red Ajah Sitter
Synthia Sedai, Red Ajah Sitter
Mierin Sedai, White Ajah Sitter
Alison Sedai, White Ajah Sitter

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