RE: Declaration of War Against Red Eagles

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RE: Declaration of War Against Red Eagles

Postby Rentris » Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:57 am

The Terms of Victory for the Red Eagles are as follows.

1) Each member of the Child of Light Council is burned at the stake by their fellow Children for war mongering. A Red Eagle audience is required.

2) The bridge at the Loggers Camp is to be destroyed. There will be no passage across the Manetherendrelle River.

3) Pedron Niall corpse shall be displayed at Wagon Bridge as a decaying scarecrow for six months (Pedron mob gone in Fortress of Light)

4) The Children of the Light, as an act of peace, shall renew their trading with Manetheren in the extent that their clan cloak becomes "a fine cloak of white sheep's wool".

5) One Red Eagle patrol north of Amador to replace their Village patrol.

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