Declaration of War on Tear

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Declaration of War on Tear

Postby Aldwyn » Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:23 pm

A letter to the High Lords of Tear,

For too long have you tried to oppress our nation. And time and time again we have driven you back. Now is the time that we are going to push back. Consider this our official declaration of open war against you. May the light shelter the good people who will fall as a result of your greed.

~Lord Lieutenant Aldwyn Cuebiyar d'Ayende, Council of the Winged Guard

Mayener Regent and guards to stay in the townhome (2w tcs) Tear to rule for 6 months
Public acknowledgement of Mayenes independence AND superiority!
Bridgeguards replaced by Winged guards for 6 months.
Duberman will be replaced by Lord Jaerni.
A jump exit added from Tear.

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