Tear declares an end of hostilities with the White Tower

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Tear declares an end of hostilities with the White Tower

Postby Fuujin » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:09 am

Fuujin entered her old office flanked by two servants carrying lights. Immediately upon entering they set about lighting up the room as Fuujin took a moment to look around. It was clear the office had not been touched much by her replacement, the works of an Ambassador, maps, treaties, and books about the world lay untouched and growing dusty. She let out a sigh, both of relief and sadness. After being ousted from her position unceremoniously, matters in Tear soured as blood-thirsty factions pushed the nation to war. Things would have never occurred this way if she had been smarter, wiser, and better prepared for what had happened. Nevertheless...

"Lady Fuujin, is there anything else you require?" asked one of the servants timidly.

"I am going to need a pitcher of wine and more ink."

"Right away, m'lady."

Fuujin immediately set about her desk and began writing a proclamation.

Henceforth, Tear declares an end to war with the White Tower and will cease all hostilities...

A servant returned with wine and ink as Fuujin put the finishing touches on the declaration. "Take this and make copies, ensure that it makes it way around."

"Right away, m'lady."

Fuujin poured herself a glass of wine as she sat back in her chair. There were many wounds to heal, bonds to unbreak, and work left to do. It was going to be a long night.

"And bring me another pitcher."

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