The sun set in Two Rivers

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The sun set in Two Rivers

Postby avail » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:05 pm

The sun began to sink low on Two Rivers as another patrol of Red Eagles rode into Emonds Field. As the patrol approached the wagon bridge the Red Eagle officer addressed the two men working. 

"Lord Rentris, Lord Avail, the Children are close behind. They will be here by sunset."

Rentris nodded slowly, wiping the sweat from his brow, and continued untying the feet of the corpse. Avail continued without a glance. They pulled the corpse down, and together they lifted the decomposing body into a fresh pine casket, next to an unrecognizable severed head. The casket was then covered, and moved into the Green. 

The suns last glimpse flashed red over Emond's Field, revealing the vast fields of the deceased. Red cloaks and white cloaks alike being pulled into the many wagons that carried the dead. The sun set, dissapearing behind the Mountains and a darkness began to fall. 

Birds began to call along the road. Alerting the village to men in white.

Rentris looked to his brother. "They're here." He said slowly. 

The roar of hooves to the ground echoed closer as silence fell upon the village. The white cloaks began to ride in, and quickly covered all of the Western Green.

The palisade creaked as it closed behind the last man. 

Rentris stepped forward, only to be stopped by Avail, who grabbed his arm. 

"I'm doing it this time." Avail whispered.

Avail quietly moved past his brother and towards the Children of Light detachment. 

The men dismounted as Avail approached, one of them revealing a scarlet shepard's crook on his cloak and he placed his feet onto the green. 

The village was silent, and the wind cut cold through his cloak as he eyed the tall Inquisitor. 

"The rooms are ready for us, farmer?" The Inquisitor asked. 

Avail nodded "Your rooms are ready, you can set up in the Common room of the Winespring Inn." 

Avail looked back at the casket and back towards the Hand of Light Inquisitor.

"As well, we have the Lord Captain Commander ready to be returned." 

Locking eyes with Avail, the Inquisitor stepped closer. 

"And what else do you have for me, farmer?" 

Avail waved over a squire and the young man quickly brought out a parchment and handed it to the Inquisitor. 

The Hand of Light Inquisitor unfolded the parchment to reveal its readings.


To all of Children of Light, Hand of Light, and citizens of Amador,

The Red Eagles of Manetheren do hereby apologize for the night time invasion of the Fortress of Light, and the slaughtering of its soldiers and the Lord Captain Commander. We apologize for the White cloaks that litter the lands of Amadicia, Two Rivers, and Altara. We regret most of all, what this war has done to the innocent people within Amador and the Two Rivers alike. 

The direct supervision of the Children Of Light is welcomed at all future Council meetings. May we move on from this, a little battle scarred and a little wiser. May we work together as closely as we have before, and press back the Dark and Invader threats upon our land. Together. 


Jorran Burdal, Watcher of the Old Blood
Lord Avail the Dai Shan
Lord Rentris the Dai Shan
Lord Kelvan the Dai Shan
Lord Tarn the Dai Shan
Lord Pe the Dai Shan
Lord Terinor the Dai Shan
Lord Achillies the Dai Shan
Lord Isktamost the Dai Shan
Lord Rhys the Dai Shan
Lord Dougras the Dai Shan
Lea the Heart Guard
Fritt the Heart Guard
Cardiel the Heart Guard
Adlian the Heart Guard
Alkyrian the Heart Guard
Torvian the Heart Guard
Tallan the Heart Guard
Joolis the Heart Guard
Neal the Caldazar
Alacard the Caldazar
Alkyrian the Caldazar
Ibaka the Caldazar
Neveon the Caldazar
Nareyda the Caldazar
Taydelli the Caldazar
Abel the Caldazar
Kachuma the Caldazar
Tabin the Shadow Hunter
Bah the Shadow Hunter
Xeno the Trolloc Dancer
Maral the Trolloc Dancer
Chiaka the Trolloc Dancer
Boyan the Trolloc Dancer
Kurama the Trolloc Dancer
Bubba the Trolloc Dancer
Dayson the Trolloc Dancer
Vicktor the Reborn Warrior
Jearom the True Blood
Boran the True Blood
Ingen the True Blood
Stevan the True Blood
Rucyn the True Blood

The Inquisitor begins to smile, revealing a mouthful of yellow stained teeth. 
"Good... good..." 
He lifts his head and his smile begins to fade away. 

"We just have one last thing to attend to then. What will it be then, your left or your right?" 
The Inquisitor placed a hand on his sheathed falchion. Glancing down at Avail's hands. 

Avail stood quietly for a moment as he turned and looked back towards his brother, Rentris shook his head. 

Determination returned as Avail said "Left. It will be my left and nobody else." 

The smile returned on the Inquisitors face as he unsheathed his Falchion.

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