To Those Who Have Abandoned the Seanchan

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To Those Who Have Abandoned the Seanchan

Postby Kitiara » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:00 am

To Whom it May Concern,

Many have defected from the Seanchan army, and they have hope to start a new life in our lands. Many of these people have approached the Tower asking for forgiveness for their actions while in service to the Seanchan empress, under the belief under which they were raised since children that the Seanchan way of life was the only acceptable culture, particularly in regards to the treatment of channelers. It is not without precedent for sides to grant conditional amnesty to defecting soldiers during times of conflict along with immunity from prosecution for crimes committed while in the service of their former nation excepting cases where the defector is directly responsible for a war crime or other atrocity such as collaring channelers. For those seeking to defect from Seanchan, the White Tower offers a pardon under the following conditions:

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1. Present to the White Tower an accounting of your role in the Seanchan army (Clan, rank, any notable achievements)
2. Openly renounce the Seanchan empire and its empress.

This offer is conditional and nobody is entitled to the offer. It may be refused at our own discretion.

Kitiara Sedai
Sitter for the Blue Ajah

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