Renouncing the Seanchan

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Renouncing the Seanchan

Postby Tanak » Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:34 pm

To esteemed members of the White Tower,

For as long back as my my memory stretches, I've lived a humble life in Seandar. I always loved my homeland, and enjoyed the time I spent as a boy there. When I got older, I enlisted in the Imperial Army, seeing it as a chance to protect the homeland I knew so well. I spent a short time in the Army as a recruit, and then applied to a section of the army called the Seanchan Imperial Guard. I never wished to leave Seandar, so I joined a branch of the army that let me stay there and protect it from intruders. After a short time as an appplicant, my vision changed, and I wished to see more of the world. I took an extended leave of absense to travel, and see things outside of Seandar.

Upon returning, the place was just not the same as I remembered it. It was nearly desolate, and lost that feelin of 'home.' I was no longer part of the army, and left for Falme. While traveling with a group of Imperial Army members there, we encountered armed groups in two rivers, where battles ensued. I saw more death in those battles than I wished to, and didn't feel like I was on the right side of the skirmishes. I then left the Seanchan to travel the land and try to find myself. I've met some amazing people in my travels. I have made connections that have helped me see that the Seanchan life does not represent my beliefs. I have great remorse for the battles I fought while in the Imperial Army. I now renounce the Seanchan empire and its empress, and would like to walk in the light. If you find it in your heart to do so, please forgive my transgressions, and consider removing my warrants so I may travel this land freely and make ammends for my sins.

Thank your for taking the time to hear my story and consider my request.

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