A broken treaty between the Children of Light and the Defenders of the Stone

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A broken treaty between the Children of Light and the Defenders of the Stone

Postby daal » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:42 pm

Captain Rodrivar Tihera and the rest of the Defenders of the Stone,

A mere six weeks ago, the Children and Hand of Light made a treaty with the historically great and honorable nation of Tear. However, a change in leadership among the Tairens has also shown a marked change in attitude towards the Tairen respect and friendship with those of us who devote our lives to the service of the Light. You have on several occasions directly violated that treaty you entered into with us. Thus, you are in default of its terms and we are declaring the entire agreement void, releasing us from the terms we were so willing to be bound by. However, it pains us most that, not only did you break our treaty with no regard for us, or the Light, but you have not even had the gall and audacity to announce it to us, either in private or publicly before doing so. That you would hide your intentions behind your palpable cowardice brings dishonor and shame to your entire nation.

Under-Lieutenant Fuujin, the Defender outwardly most responsible for this dark breach, a Defender who could not even be bothered to protect her own nation against the Mayener insurgents, returned just in time to usurp leadership of your organization and reverse every single public decision made prior to her seizure of power. Most notably, Fuujin broke the bond between Tear and the Children of Light by casting aside the treaty we had signed. This is most baffling to us, since while this purported Defender slept, the Children and Hand of Light defended Tear on numerous occasions from attacks by Mayene. As such, I ask of you all to look deep in your hearts and ask a simple question: "What had Fuujin done to defend the stone of Tear during this insurrection?" I hope you don't spend too much time puzzling over your response, since the answer is simply nothing.

Additionally, Fuujin decided to disregard the laws of Amadicia and unashamedly in violation of her clans posted agreement with the Children and Hand of Light determined that it was in her best interest to escort foul servants of evil, ageless witches of the White Tower, within the sovereign borders of Amadicia. When her party, containing known criminals of the Light was assaulted by noble Children of Light, serving rightfully issued warrants on known criminals and darkfriends, what did Fuujin do? Did she assist the Chidlren, as a good ally might? Did she not interfere, a perfectly acceptable course of action? No, she determined that in clear violation of our publicly announced agreement she would aide them their fight against the Children of Light.

Recently, we have also heard rumors that Yasmin had been declared a darkfriend by the Defenders, but we have no proof of such. In fact, on numerous occasions, Fuujin has exclaimed the very same. However, not a one of you Defenders spoke to a member of the Hand of Light about your suspicions. Further, Yasmin's rank was not stripped, merely her title. Any of you could have easily escorted Yasmin to the Dome of Truth and one of the many Hand of Light on duty would have been most happy to root out her true allegiances. Further, had she been determined in service of the Dark, the Children and Hand would have been most happy to make her execution in the cleansing fires of the Light a public event to deter others from following her foul path. Instead, you stand idle and do nothing, while an alleged darkfriend still sleeps in your midst. An old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, I certainly hope that that isn't true of the rest of the Defenders, but recent actions make me question your intentions and allegiances.

Further, the instability of your nation, and your flagrant disregard of compacts and agreements with other nations and organizations, should, at the moment make any nation wary and reluctant to take your word as a lasting bond. As we have witnessed, the current generation of Tairens have no regard for their word, and you are willing to toss it aside in a heartbeat when convenient. Your current leadership has demonstrated that they cannot and should not be trusted.

With that said, the Children of Light revoke all rights and privileges afforded to anyone with allegiance to Tear under our treaty and that treaty between our organizations is declared null and void based on numerous violations of its terms perpetrated by the Defenders of the Stone.

In the Light,
Daal el'Drien, Lieutenant of the Children of Light

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