Open letter to the CoL and HoL thugs

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Open letter to the CoL and HoL thugs

Postby Kaan » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:36 pm

While you speak of peace and incentive for peace, you murder our Queen.

The CoL and HoL have, once more, demonstrated that they are little more than thugs who unwittingly serve the Dark One's interests.

Not only have they demonstrated their true intentions for war, some have had the nerve to have vile mail delivered to our barracks which includes threats of continued criminal activity, boasts of assaulting our Queen, threats of assaulting our troops, and demands that we treat the instigators as privileged individuals.

Let it be known, thugs, that you misunderstand us, the Lion Warden, very badly if you believe that your actions will result in your redemption to the Light. As it stands, you are little more than a militant organization of murderers and darkfriends who must be put down.

When the day comes and the Light prevails, you will pay dearly for your assaults.

Captain of the Lion Warden

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