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Far Madding -- Not Just For Jails Anymore!

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:09 pm
by Merrianne
Greetings, fellow citizens of the Light.

This is a reminder that the fair city of Far Madding, just west of the village of Glancor with our loveable helper Ross, is actually quite welcoming, as long as you remember to not wield a weapon here. Remove or sheath weapons at the bridges, and our guards shouldn't give you a drubbing.

In fact, our Street Guards, like me, have been making a concerted effort to keep our barrel stocked with needful things for young adventurers. You will hopefully find some basic armor for strong warriors, dark hooded cloaks, and occasionally emerald rings or thin black chains, in that barrel on a regular basis in the future.

We also have many shops, and of course dealers in herbal remedies.

If you choose to visit the Palace, please be aware that the Counsels really dislike horses in the Palace, and I'm the one that has to scrub the floors. So please, be kind.

But yes, Far Madding isn't that far, and the guards only get mad if you fail to abide by the rules. Your visit could be very rewarding! Unless you're allergic to cats, that is... apologies, but we have many of them, and it is a crime to kill them here. They really do keep down the rats.


Merrianne Jukari, the Street Guard and designated Palace Floor Scrubber