Declaration of War against Tear

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Declaration of War against Tear

Postby Anor » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:14 pm

To the so called High Lords of Tear and the pathetic Fuujin Oaks d’blah blah la blah d’blah,

How quickly you forget your allies. When Mayene was breaking down your gates and assaulting your city, who answered your cries for help? When the White Tower showed their true colors and openly attacked Defenders of the Stone within the very walls of Tear, who ran to your aid? It is now we realise how much of a mistake that was. The usurper Fuujin’s first actions were to spit in the face of the soldiers that were the last line of defense between Mayene and the Stone itself. Then she goes crawling back to the White Tower, begging to be allowed back into their good graces. What a spineless coward.

As if this betrayal was not enough she then banishes us from Tear and starts openly attacking soldiers of the Light. These are the actions of a Darkfriend. The power has corrupted the very minds of the Tarien Ladies and Lords. We now realise it was not Mayene that were the aggressors but merely the oppressed striking back at the corrupt powers within Tear.

As such the Children of the Light have no choice but again to answer Tears cries for help. However this time we come to aid the innocent citizens of this once great nation. We will not stop until the heads of every corrupt ruler, lord and/or defender decorates the Stone of Tear itself. We will bring Peace. We will bring the Light.

Our terms are as follows:
Pool 1
  • Addition of a patrol. Winning clan patrol placed in an agreed upon position.
  • Clan mob hostage. A High Lord will have a nice cell made up for him in the dungeons.
  • Implementation of a transport system between 2 places linked to the winning and losing clans. Tear is to supply, maintain and crew a fast ship to travel between the cost south of Amador and the Tear Docks.

Pool 2
  • 20.000 gold in the clan coffers
  • Player execution. E.g. those who were the instigators, those who raided enemy city or other, limited, selection. Up to 5 players.
  • Advisor role for one of the victors

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