Re: A declaration of war against the Dragonsworn

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Re: A declaration of war against the Dragonsworn

Postby Enoch » Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:05 am

*A note lies here, bearing a red wax seal with the image of a Dragon.*

Re the recent declaration by the Children,

The Dragonsworn feel the shadow is the light's most pressing enemy, and petty squabbles between a military force and innocent citizens who have given up everything to equip the Light and focus on the war with the shadow is not worth the distraction.

Perhaps the true question to ask, are the Children not in fact weakening the Light and taking away able-bodied fighters and distracting from the war with the shadow?

In the interest of strengthening the light against the dark, the Dragonsworn express our interest cease these hostilities and negotiate terms to bring this foolish "war" to a conclusion in as expedited manner as possible.

Each day that this continues, the shadow grows stronger, so we look forward to your immediate reply.

~The Dragonsworn

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