Re: The Demands from the Children of the Dark

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Re: The Demands from the Children of the Dark

Postby Dartes » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:41 am

Based on the laughable demands presented by their courier, it is clear to us that the Children of the Dark have had no interest in carrying out a true war, and the pretext of the war has been a farce all along. To ask for impossible demands that are far above and beyond those that would be asked in the case of even overwhelming victory shows their true colors.

As such, we categorically reject the surrender demands of the Children of the Dark, and ask that if they want to spread some Light, that they can shove their fancy white-papered document firmly up where their sun don't shine.

The Dragonsworn

Addendum: As for the required "war" demands in response to those originally posted by the Children of the Dark, we shall respond shortly.

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