War Demands from the Defenders of the Stone

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War Demands from the Defenders of the Stone

Postby Fuujin » Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:46 pm

In response to the declaration of war made against Tear by the Children, here are the war demands for the Defenders of the Stone

Pool 1:
1. Take clan mob hostage: A Lord Captain should be imprisoned for this unwarranted aggression by the Children
2. Transport between cities: so that we may begin to quickly repair relations after this war of wrongful aggression
3. An embassy in their city: so that we may begin to restore relations after this unjustified war of Southwestern aggression

From Pool 2:
1. 20,000 Gold: so that we may repair the damage caused by this unreasonably declared war
2. Player executions: the leaders who instigated this unmerited and unnecessary war should be punished brutally
3. A public apology for the lies an deceit that was used to instigate this war and the harm the Children inflicted on the nation of Tear and it's people (Was told the last demand was unacceptable and we had to change it.)


Lady Fuujin Oaks, Lieutenant
Ambassador of Tear
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