Warning: A poster of a woman dressed in Green.

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Warning: A poster of a woman dressed in Green.

Postby gralin » Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:38 pm

A Warning to all -

The witch Ellysa, of the White Tower, was sent out today from this place of hate and lies under orders. Not to fight the trollocs or Fades that stalk the North as they claim but to join the Defenders in an attack on humans.

Using the One Power this witch took sides to slay those of the opposing side in a war, burning them with fire from the sky, as she laughed.

Do not trust the Tower, the witnessed attacks can’t be disputed. She rode with the sole intent to attack innocent humans with the Creators Power. “We do not attack humans” they claim - a lie. “We only attack in self defense” they claim - a lie! "We do not become involved in wars or battles as we only fight the Shadow" they claim- a lie.

After setting fire to humans on the battlefield, she ran back to her Tower, whilst the North declared the Shadow invading. She did not assist there. No she is intent on using the Creators powers only to slay humans. To use the Creators Power in wars that the Tower claims not to get involved with.

Beware all, for you are not safe, your young ones are not safe, you may be next. The lies again have been exposed.

A warning from the battlefield,
Gralin Navar

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