Warning: A poster of a man dressed in a white cloak

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Warning: A poster of a man dressed in a white cloak

Postby Fuujin » Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:58 am


The Whitecloak Anor has been seen working alongside and in conjunction with the Seanchan known as Xin. Together in the Seanchan outpost, where Seanchan and Children mingle in close proximity, the two of them coordinated attacks on a Defender of the Stone.

The Children claim to oppose the one power and the Seanchan invaders, but it seems that the Child Anor has no lows that he will not sink to in the pursuit of a war predicated upon lies and deceit. Small wonder considering the soldiers led by Anor take to scalping their own fallen comrades. These dogs have no honor.

If the Children are going to affiliate themselves with the Seanchan, like Xin of the Imperial Army, then so be it. The Defenders of the Stone do not balk at the thought of facing their combined might and we will continue to destroy the armies the Children and the Seanchan throw at us and decorate our walls with their heads.

This serves as a warning to all else who may oppose the Seanchan or the Children: They will work together to accomplish their insidious goals and neither may be trusted.

Stamped with the Silver Crescents of Tear

Lady Fuujin Oaks d'Romee
Protector of Godan
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