Warning: A poster of a naked Oathbreaker woman

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Warning: A poster of a naked Oathbreaker woman

Postby Xin » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:46 am


This woman named Fuujin is both an Oathbreaker and naked, because the Empire slayed her.

While Fuujin was resisting the corenne at the Empire's outpost in the far east on the peninsula now known as New Asinbayar another Oathbreaker named Anor came along and tried to vulture the glory from the Empire. Once Fuujin was slayed, Anor then proceeded to attack the Mandarb'a'shar leading the defense of the outpost. He was unsuccessful and fled once our damane were deployed.

Oathbreakers are weird sometimes and they should all die if they resist. Do not assume their motives and know they all pose a grave threat regardless of their priorities.

It should also be noted that this conflict between the Defenders of the Stone and the Children of Light appears to have no rules. Upon slaying the Acolyte known as Solak the Empire received many offers up to two jewelled wristcuffs, two obsidian pendants and a basilard dagger for the trophy from Defenders of the Stone and miscellaneous bandits.

It should also be noted that these Defenders of the Stone will go to great lengths to acquire trophies of Children of Light they have not earned, including those found in backpacks.

The Empire has no interest trading its trophies or picking winners other than her Majesty the Empress of the Nine Moons. All trophies shall be returned to the officers of the Empire and all glory shall be to the Empress, may she live forever.


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