Unchecked Aggression

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Unchecked Aggression

Postby Kerryk » Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:25 pm

The militant aggressions of the Children and Hand of the Light against the nations of Andor, Manetheren, and Tear are herby seen by the Council of Nine as an attempt of imperialization and the creation of an "Empire of the Light". With this realization, the Council of Nine makes the following declarations in an attempt to protect Illian and the monarchy of Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar.

The Illian borders are now closed to all travel to the forces of Amador, the Children, and Hand of the Light. As per the One of Nine if an Illian Companion of rank 5 or higher is witness to a breach in this order they are authorized to enforce law at their discretion, up to and including issuing a warrant.

Illian calls upon our long time allies in the White Tower and Mayene to resolidify our commitments of support to one another.

Illian troops, embargos, and aggressions against the nation of Tear will be temporarily suspended while Tear attempts to rebuff the "Empire of the Light". Illian Companions will raise no hand against a Defender except in their own defense until the end of the current skirmish.

Kerryk Medakan, Captain of the Golden Bee [Illian Companion Council]

Nine Laws of Illian

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