A response to the declaration by the Council of Nine

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A response to the declaration by the Council of Nine

Postby Fuujin » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:12 pm

In response to the declaration by the Council of Nine; given the unjust and unwarranted declaration of war by the Children against the nation of Tear and the Defenders of the Stone; due to the necessity of dedicating resources to the defense of Tear and the Stone: the Defenders of the Stone will hereby cease hostilities with the nation of Illian and the Illianer Companions for the duration of our conflict with the Children. Any embargoes, sanctions, or travel bans against Illian and its citizens will be temporarily lifted during this time. Defenders of the Stone are authorized to defend themselves, per Tairen law, no matter the circumstance, but will not take aggressive actions against the Companions during this time.

The nation of Tear respects the fact that our long time rivals and enemies can set aside our differences to recognize the growing militaristic threat that the Children poses to both of our countries, even temporarily. As such, we call upon our allies, our friends, and the nations who have remained neutral and passive in the face of this threat to come together and discuss methods and strategy in preventing further aggression by them.

Tear will be sending an ambassador to Illian to help smooth this period during which the embargoes and sanctions are lifted as well as to discuss the potential of a continued threat posed by the Children to our nations.

Stamped with the Silver Crescents of Tear


Lady Fuujin Oaks d'Romee
Protector of Godan
Ambassador of Tear

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