A declaration of victory and peace in Tear

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A declaration of victory and peace in Tear

Postby Anor » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:42 pm

A patrol of Children of Light walks through the muddy streets of Tear, a slight smile breaks out on the face of their leader as he turns a dagger over in his hands. Kicking at a solid sheet of salt formed on top of the mud he continues his patrol. “Make sure you clean up the mess in the Palace” he calls out to an Acolyte carrying a pack overflowing with dirty rags and brushes. The patrol makes it to the Tear Central Square where a large crowd of common folk have gathered.

“Citizens of Tear, the war is over. Not only is there now peace between the Children of Light and the Defenders of the Stone, there is greater stability in the entire South East. Through our actions peace has been brokered between Illian, Tear and Mayene. A feat not seen for as long as anyone can remember.” Anor shifts his white cloak about on his shoulders.

“We regret the level of violence you all had to endure during our valiant liberation of Tear from the corrupt ruling of Fuujin.” He spits at the mention of her name and then looks back to the crowd. “We did attempt to have the group of mercenaries known as the Iron Fist leave the battle. In fact we offered them 6 times more gold than the Defenders offered them to do nothing more than pack their bags and go home. That’s right, 30 000 gold to end the slaughter. Their leader’s pride was too great and it was his folly that led them to defeat.”

“We are also truly sorry that you, the innocent citizens of Tear, had to deal with Aes Sedai battling in your very streets. Putting your lives and the lives of everyone around you at risk. It was never our intent to have the White Tower send their foul witches to Tear and endanger you all.” Anor shakes his head slowly before continuing on. “While we were able to kill 1 of the Aes Sedai the others did get away. As such we will redouble our efforts to enforce Tairen law and keep the streets of Tear safe from Aes Sedai.”

“Now the rebuilding continues. Our forces shall be made available to Tear to assist in this process. Walk in the Light.” Anor gazes over the crowd once more before turning away and walking back down the streets. His boots crunch down on another sheet of solid salt. “This bloody salt is everywhere,” he mutters under his breath.

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