A woman in the midst of Baerlon

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A woman in the midst of Baerlon

Postby Elissa » Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:16 pm

A woman in clothes not much better than beggars and peasants roams through the city of Baerlon - now under Andoran rule again, she notes as she moves bitterly through the crowds, The square is lively, and passers-by look at her with disdain. One even threw a tomato.

Biting back her pride, she calls out to the men and women of Baerlon - "It was I who took advantage of the fallen Governor, the one the the Children of the Light installed after driving out the shadowspawn and those filthy darkfriends. I allowed my brethren to flood the streets to protect you!"

She ducked a potato being flung at her, and cries of "Lunatic! Madwoman! Lightblinded fool!" arise as she continues. With a glance behind her, she paled. Maybe not a potato, but a size 14 boot. A very, very hard looking boot.

Steadying herself, she continued: "I was wrong to do so, and I have learned my lesson. The Children have, in their mercy and compassion, taken my crimes into account and have given me a suitable punishment."

This time, a tomato did hit her face. It hurt a lot.

Reaching into a ragged canvas bag at her side, she wiped her face with a dirty rag.

"I only ask that you know of my mistake, and my regret."

With that, she lets the tide of people usher her out from Baerlon. A unsure look between several of the Lion Wardens guarding the gate was noted as she was pushed out from the town.

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