Renouncing the Seanchan

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Renouncing the Seanchan

Postby Traoil » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:00 pm

My name is Traoil, and I post this note for all to see.
I was born in a village on Seandar. It was peaceful and not a bad life. I didn't consider myself to be of any particular race, color, religious creed, or national origin. However, when the Seanchan Army came in and swept up everyone of age for their "noble" cause, they tried to teach us to love a nation that had never really been there for us, ever. I was bitter about leaving home and never felt that the army cared about any one of us. But, I served, and I served well, never forgetting that I didn't want what they offered, I didn't want to be forced into something against my will. So, I kept it in my mind that I was going to get out! And This, I have finally done. I was able to break free and escape those bastards. I post this note for all to hear that I will NOT be forced into something I don't wan and I will NOT be apart of a community or nation that forces that on anyone either!

So I renounce my Seanchan Citizenship, and I will be a free man. A man who chooses his own path! And of those that I have wronged during my enslaved days, I ask forgiveness and if there is anything to be done to repair any harm done, I am willing.

-Signed simply
- Traoil

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