Renounceing The Seanchen and my Oaths

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Renounceing The Seanchen and my Oaths

Post by acheron » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:41 pm

My name is Acheron, and I post this note for all to see.
I was born in Illian. Upon my 18th Year I eagerly set forth hoping to join the brave warriors of the Light in there fight against the Dark. During my travels I met some nice people who I thought also to be serving the light. The Seanchen and the empress seemed nice enough. Having traveled some with them I have realized that they serve the Empress and her alone.

So I Formally renounce my Seanchan Oaths, and I will hence forth truly serve the light. Of those that I have wronged as I traveled with the Seanchen I ask forgiveness and if there is anything to be done to repair any harm done, I am willing.

-Regards your humble servant in the light