Winged Guard is Recruiting!

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Winged Guard is Recruiting!

Postby raek » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:14 am

Raek Rathmor saunters into the Dancing Badger and sits at his favorite corner table. "You look tired, Raek. How are things faring for you?" asks the bartender. "Things are well, but there continues to be so much to do," responds Raek, as he wipes the splattered blood from his swollen cheek. Raek hoists himself out of his chair with a grunt, and walks to the eastern wall of the bustling bar. He removes a poster from his pack, and uses a copper dagger to stick it to the wooden panel.

Seeking new Members of the Winged Guard:

Do you seek more? Are you tired of travelling the land with no real purpose? Are you looking to be part of something bigger? Becoming a member of the Winged Gaurd means becoming part of an Elite group tasked with the most important of jobs. We protect the First of Mayene and her subjects with our lives against all manners of threats - from Trolloc and Lurks, your common brigands, and even from nefarious plots of Tairen "Lords". If you are brave of heart, willing to learn, and loyal to a fault, consider joining our ranks.

If you wish to join our family, please send a letter to a council member of the Winged Guard. Dennel, Voss, and Naomi would be excited to review your application. You may also seek out any member of the guard, and we'll be glad to talk with you and pass on your application to our council.

The requirements for applying are as follows:
1. Be willing to learn.
2. Be respectful and active.
3. Be in good standing with other nations.
4. Level 20 to apply, and level 30 to clan.

Raek Rathmor, Recruitment Division of the Winged Guard

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