An important letter lies left on a desk (Counter)

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An important letter lies left on a desk (Counter)

Post by Melat » Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:16 pm

"Where is it, where is it?"

Melat rummages around the desk of his office, sorting through papers and pens, failing to see the letter that was under the oaken chair. He mutters under his breath as the gongs of Tear ring. Camera pans slowly to the note as it reads:

(pool 1)
The Seanchan outpost are to be patrolled by a contingent of Tairien soldiers
A Seanchan Noble will be sent to Tear to be held as hostage
An embassy will be established within Falme

(Pool 2)
20,000 crowns will be paid to the Defenders of the Stone Treasury
An official apology will be made in public for the invasion of Tear Territory and for the aggression against Tear.
The public execution of 1 member of each branch of the Seanchan army

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Re: An important letter lies left on a desk (Counter)

Post by Elysia » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:17 pm

Sorry, these will not count, as you missed the 10 day mark by a considerable margin. Should you win, your demands will mirror the Seanchan demands as closely as possible. This has been part of the war rules since their first installment.

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