Signing a letter

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Signing a letter

Post by Rajis » Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:12 pm

Rajis checks the horizon for any sign of Seanchan sails. Satisfied none are coming within the next little bit he turns to see a Defender of the Stone rushing toward him. Rajis readies himself for news of Tairen rebels invading the city.

" Councilor Rajis, Councilor Melat needs to see you urgently!"

Rajis runs to the Office of the Defenders of the Stone, and sees Melat in a midst of papers. The office is in turmoil, drawers overturned, ink spilled, and a dagger embedded in the desk.

"Where is the attack?" Rajis exclaims.

"Oh there's no attack right now, but I can't find the letter of our demands to the Seanchan Empire!"

Rajis ponders life, the universe, and especially where the document could have gone. He knew Melat had asked him to draft a response, and he did, but where did it go? Rajis digs through his pouch of vials and herbs and notices that some of his kaf beans are wrapped in paper instead of cloth. Quickly he empties the beans and finds the war demands.

"Here it is!"

Rajis signs the letter and runs back to guard duty before Councilman Melat can think of a suitable punishment.