A notice to all Imperials and Oathsworn

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A notice to all Imperials and Oathsworn

Postby Mantorok » Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:26 am

Enough of this needless violence, I beseech you!

Any you send to try to lay claim to my cities will forfeit their lives. I leave the heads of your replacement Silvak and Suroth decorating the Falme square once more. All Imperials should return to their homeland or lay their blood at the feet of myself and the armies I lead against your Empress. Their time will come, and She will know my wrath once more.

And stop drinking the good alcohol I have lovingly left to age in the basement of the housing complex on Dock Road. You know the one. I will find those responsible and they will answer to me.

Your Lordship of the city of Falme and savior of Toman Head,

Mantorok al'Korvin

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