Deathwatch Recruitment

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Deathwatch Recruitment

Postby Aruon » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:59 am

*a paper bearing the seal of the Deathwatch Guard is posted in the Waterfront Square and all Seanchan outlier territories*

The Deathwatch Guard, elite guards of the Imperial family, seek new blood willing to prove their worth toward this line of service. We expect, and accept only, the best soldiers the Empire can produce. Our military duty is second to none, and we hold that standard of all our members and hopefuls.

If you wish to try your hand at joining our ranks, first meet our requirements to apply.

*Level 30
*No history of misconduct
*At least a basic understanding of Seanchan and Deathwatch book roleplay (The WotWiki, not to be confused with the WoTmud wiki, should provide enough information if you are not up to par with reading the books.)
*Passable knowledge of all zones we actively patrol and fight Oathbreakers in. (Anything from Falme to Baerlon/east to Lugard at minumum)

If you can fulfill those requirements, mail a short letter about your intentions. (Include at least a basic background of who you are. We don't need novels, just why we should pay any attention to you.)

I welcome all conscripts, soldiers in training and veterans to try their hand at this duty to the Seanchan Empire.

*signed in a neat script*

General Aruon di'Aran Kafar Ruthor

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