Morat'torm Recruitment

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Morat'torm Recruitment

Postby Arnian » Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:42 am

Aspirants to the Morat'torm,

The time has come where we will be watching any who wish to apply to join our esteemed ranks and ride the fierce torm in battle. The Morat'torm are the Empire's mobile force, and should know the lands we fight to reclaim well enough to be found acceptable to our needs.

We expect at least:
An RP letter of intent
Level 30 minimum
Level 5 ride

While we take into our ranks any class of soldier, we suggest practicing to keep your single mount alive as much as possible, as well as venturing as far from our uncontested lands with it.

You may request to have a specific mentor, should that Morat'torm be of sufficient rank to do so.

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