The Imperial Army Conscript Handbook and Recruitment

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The Imperial Army Conscript Handbook and Recruitment

Postby Drol » Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:28 pm

Citizens of the Empire,

The Imperial Army is actively looking for new Recruits. If you wish to explore this further, please see the Conscript Handbook below.

Lord Drol Al'Drakken.


Her Majesties Imperial Army is the regular army of the Seanchan Empire. It currently comprises of 4 regiments.

The White Leopards - Heavy Cavalry Regiment
The Ravenwing - Light Cavalry Regiment
The Seanchan Imperial Guard - Home Defense & Logistics Regiment
The Mandarb a'Shar - Assassins & Covert Operations Regiment


The Imperial Armys current main objective is the successful completion of the Corenne. By joining the Imperial Army you declare your willingness to partake in this great mission. Each regiment has a specific role to play in the Corenne, whether as a frontline soldier, supplying weapons & armour to the rest of the army, sabotaging enemy positions or defending the homeland against sneak attacks all regiments are considered vital and equal.

Signing Up

To join the Imperial Army you must first complete basic training before being assigned to a specific regiment. Basic training is a combined responsibility for all regiments.

Signing up is simple. Fulfil the basic entry requirements listed below. Contact any member of the Imperial Army and swear the Soldiers Oath of Allegiance. You will then be registered by the witness of your Oath on the Imperial Conscripts Role.

Soldiers Oath of Allegiance

*Conscript places their hands one over another on their heart*

I swear to serve & obey Her Imperial Majesty faithfully and to the best of my ability as a member of Her Imperial Army.

I swear to conduct myself in a manner becoming of a member of Her Imperial Army.

This I swear by my hope of a higher name.

*Conscript bows deeply three times*

Basic Entry Requirements

Minimum level 20
No Seanchan Empire warrant
Appropriate name for this MUD


There are two ranks of Imperial Conscript, Junior & Senior. You begin as a Junior Conscript and progress to Senior Conscript after 1 (one) week and upon completion of the Junior Tasks. Senior Conscripts are eligible to join the Imperial Army after a further 1 (one) week and completing of all Senior Tasks - No further clan vote or initiation is required. In a time of lower numbers, if a member of the Imperial Army is not available to witness your task, a log of you completing your task should be mailed to a member of the Imperial Council and/or Drillmaster General.

Junior Conscript Tasks

Lead to ‘Campsite’, ‘South Int’, ‘North Int’ and ‘Narrow’.
Lead to and kill the Tremalking Fade (Escaping will suffice).
Lead to the portal stone on Tremalking.
Lead to and kill the Cold-Eyed Man.

Write a short letter detailing why you wish to join the ranks of the Imperial Army. Also include which regiment of the Imperial Army that would most benefit from your abilities. Address your letter to either a member of the Imperial Council or the Drillmaster General.

Senior Conscript Tasks

Lead to the portal stone on Arad Doman.
Lead to ‘Hermit’, ‘4x’, Katar Grocer, Yandar, ‘AD Patty’ , ‘Ice Bridge’.
Lead to and kill Maegor.
Lead to and kill the trolloc patrol on Arad Doman.

This is as described basic training. Some of you will be able to complete the tasks easily, others may take their time. Either way the purpose is for the Imperial Army to know that their recruits have a certain level of knowledge about the Empire.

It also provides structure for our society and obligates people to follow minimum behavioural standards.

Minimum Standard of Behaviour

By signing up you agree to defend the Empire but also to behave in a manner appropriate to an Imperial Soldier.

Keep in character on narrates.
Show due respect to your superiors, that means saying Sir/Ma'am and bowing where appropriate.
No same-side scalping.
Attempt to remain in character as much as possible.


Conscripts will be dismissed if they break Imperial Law or display behaviour unfitting of their station.

All appeals should be directed at either the Imperial Council or the Drillmaster General.

Signed for the Imperial Army Council by,

Lord Drol Al'Drakken of the Seanchan Imperial Guard,
Drillmaster General and Imperial Councillor.

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