The Battle for Seandar

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The Battle for Seandar

Postby Lakitu » Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:06 pm

It was not until recently that a local shipbuilder discovered the necessary blueprints of a new form of ship that could withstand ripping tides and allow safe and quick transportation to the homeland. In response of the shipbuilder's announced needs, many soldiers arose to the call, whether they were retired or on active duty. We had set out on the mainland to harvest lumber in Arad Doman and mine iron in the Mountains of Mist to aid the building of the ship. After only a few days the ship was built, reinforced, and sailing towards a land unseen for many years.

Though the ship itself was rather small compared to more streamlined vessels seen docked at Tremalking, the ship was more than accommodating for the group of soldiers that were present. Even quite cozy, some would say. For the length of the voyage, we kept ourselves entertained with food, drinks, games, singing and laughter, which was fairly reminiscent of the same comradely observed in the olden days. Upon the endless sea, our days were full of lighthearted rejoicing and planning fun activities to enjoy while visiting the homeland. The atmosphere seemed particularly peaceful during the journey. The sky was clear and of a spectacular blue for spans, decorated with flocks of sea gulls and swirling clouds. The weather was refreshingly cool with gentle breezes, and the unmistakably pleasant scent of the sea hung lightly in the air. This had been our days from dawn the dusk.

Surprisingly, it was not long before the land we call our home reeled into view. The glorious, beautiful city known as Seandar had just barely formed shape through the fog, specifically by the Tower of Ravens, which is easily one of the more identifying features of the city at a distance. It had been an uncountable amount of years since any of our men had been to Seandar. Perhaps, some may have even began to believe it no longer existed.

As we steadily approached Seandar, the once pretty sky had become an ominous dark shroud, with a heavy downcast pour over the city. The Seandar coast guards were absent from the docks, which was quite unusual. The surrounding vegetation and forestry was no longer as green as we had last remembered. Instead, the trees and foliage were dull, grayed and dying. An unearthly stench of death lingered in the air as we began to draw our weapons, peering straight ahead into darkness, not entirely sure what we would be against. We knew something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Had we been gone for too long? A silent bout of anxiety swept over our soldiers under the thought that our fair home had befell an unforeseen conquer. After rushing towards the Gates of Night we were almost instantly met with opposition. We had seen the enemy in its physical form. A fist of heavily armored trollocs, lead by Dreadguards and Myrddraals. Certainly not one... not even a few, but dozens of spawn crowded the piers and the path to the gates. One of the Dreadguards held the key to Seandar, contently staring at it as if it were some sort of proudly acquired treasure.

Without a moment's spare, we gathered our courage and dashed into the endless mass of darkness, weapons drawn and aimed sharp, slashing and slicing our own path through the inevitable. The battle with the dark was fierce with flashing steel and splaying blood which lasted hours upon hours through the night, on the streets of Seandar. As each spawn of the dark found himself released from the weave, the threat diminished further. Although, a few of our own were met with death, their lives were taken with honor and virtue. In the midst of bloodshed and the sheer agonizing noise of war, Ishamael, one of the leaders of the dark, was revealed in true form. Though, Ishamael quickly realized that he had made a mistake, as he too found himself released from the wheel shortly after. It was almost as if he had given up completely after witnessing his reinforcements being vanquished quicker than they could spawn. After we had ended the lives of the few remaining Dreadguards behind Ishamael's fall, we thoroughly secured all of Seandar, including the shops and homes. The outer perimeters were also scaled by our search specialists, through which we had become aware of some significant changes to the lands since our last visit.

As the dark clouds began to retreat the skyline and the cold rain was replaced with warm rays from the bright noon sun, city folk began to slowly appear from beyond their hidden shelters, as well as city guards and shopkeepers alike. Seeing that the dark spawn did not at all reach the Palace, many of our weary soldiers were brought to ease as we stood tall before the pristine gates of the Palace. The Empire had seen a glorious victory this day. The Empire still stands strong. After securing all corridors and rooms of the Palace, we were graced to kneel before the Empress and daughter Tuon, and provide report of our victorious battle for Seandar.

It will be known that on this day soldiers of the Empire will have a means of travel between Falme and Seandar once again. Let us rejoice upon this fine accomplishment, as well as honor all soldiers who were present from the ship's rebuild to the call of the shadow's futile assault:

General Tzao of the Deathwatch
General Alima of the Deathwatch
Talroc of the Deathwatch
Rogu of the Deathwatch
Yeri of the White Leopards
Fudru of the Morat'torm
Gumps of the Morat'torm
Mariatha of the Morat'torm
Lord Lakitu of the Morat'raken
Lord Baco of the Morat'raken
Aerindil of the Morat'raken
And many other soldiers

There were also a few long-retired soldiers who made appearances afterwards:
Lord Okil of the Deathwatch
Lord Ludn of the Deathwatch
Faydra of the Seanchan Imperial Guard
Alkazar of the Morat'raken

In addition, Elmora has also been taken back and is now owned by the Seanchan Empire.

The Corenne will continue to be forwarded. Glory to the Empress, may she live forever!

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