Seanchan Sundays

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Seanchan Sundays

Postby Cosmo » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:11 am

A deep horn blew through the mists, resonating east past the mountains of Arad Doman. The forces to the west had long been quiet, spread thin as they extended as far east as the Tairen coastline. This horn was the first sign in years that the Corenne's forces had been brewing up something closer to the port of Falme. This horn was no battle horn but it called. It called every Sunday, drawing a migration west as goods and gold changed hands; even the economy of Tanchico began to flourish. Each and every Sunday there was a migration west.

If you are a Seanchan player or someone looking to dabble in the affairs of Seanchan please join the side on Sundays. You can play your other characters the other 6 days of the week, but every Sunday we will need you. The Empress, may she live forever needs you.

Sundays are now Seanchan Sunday. Smobs may die, people may die but you will be a Seanchan on Sundays. Please bring your best purple outfit and if you don't have one then one will be provided.

Cosmo the Morat'torm

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