A great victory in Tanchico.

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A great victory in Tanchico.

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:59 pm

Despite their years of experience, the fighters in Lord Silvak's warroom were fidgety and anxious. They had been preparing for this for as long as they had served the Empress, may she live forever. As Lord Silvak spoke, they fell silent. The orders were clear: a small force was to enter Bandar Eban and cause a distraction, while a larger force was to approach Tanchico under sail, using the cover of a thick fog created by the damane.

There was little resistance as the force swept up the road and descended onto the Children of the Light headquarters. Despite being trained fighters, the sheer numbers of the Ever Victorious Army sealed their doom. The Seanchan quickly set up a command post in the former Headquarters and swept east from the Calpene and onto the Maseta. Entering the palace, they found that King Andric had fled and was nowhere to be found. However, he did not get far and he met with Seanchan justice.

After one day of fighting, the Calpene and Maseta were in Seanchan hands. The Hailene had turned into the Corenne.

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