The New Fading System for Darkside

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The New Fading System for Darkside

Postby Tlaloc » Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:18 pm

Attention Beasts, Wormlings, Miscreated animals of the Shadow:

Trollocs, assuming you can read at all, can check in-game at the Command Chamber in Thakan'dar for this exact information.

Trolloc Masters with existing altqps who wish to pursue remorting should mail Elodin so he can review your current rewards and let you know where you stand.

The trolloc can begin attempting to amass altqps once he or she has 1000/1500 qps (varies - SEE BELOW). To remort, he or she must have:

1500 qps
750 altqps
6 months as a Master in his or her clan

Altqps can be gained in the following manners:

    100 altqps maximum from Ta'veren or Sei'tar kills
      - 25 altqps per kill
    100 altqps maximum from current notable targets*
      - See the hooded myrddraal in the Ruined Keep
    100 altqps maximum from Chosen endorsements
      - 25 altqps for each vote
    200 altqps maximum from city heads
      - 100 each, no repeats
      - Fal Dara, Cairhien, Illian, Bandar Eban, Caemlyn (Gawyn), Amador King or Tar Valon
    200 altqps maximum from new notable targets*
      - See plotting myrddraal in Thakan'dar for details
    100 max altqps maximum from clanning activities
    30 altqps from Justice hand-ins - 10 altqps each time, repeatable 3x, hand in to Ko'bal in Deception Pass as usual

Attention Wormlings, Beasts, Brainless animals, and other miscreants of the Shadow.

The Trolloc Remorting System:

Players are expected to keep track of their progress and their altqp pools. Any excess altps in any section will be docked x3 unless willingly reported.

In the process of killing target rulers for altqps (city heads), the Master must be leading if there are other trollocs involved, there must be no remorts present in the zone or city leading up to, during, or after the hit.

Upon remorting, the trolloc may choose to become a Dreadlord or a Myrddraal. If the player chooses Dreadlord, an established system exists for re-allocating base abilities. Players may have one of each character but only one Chosen.

For city head turn-ins as well as the Ta'veren and Sei'tar kills, turn the proof in to Shaidar and mail the Darkside Coordinator the log of this plus a timestamp as well as the log of the kill. The Master must be alive and present when the target dies. The entire log of the combat (not the walk south and north etc) must be mailed to Staff.

*please make sure you lead when killing these hooded and plotting fades' notable targets, and no fade or dreadlords are present in the zone or city leading up to, during, or after the hit - in a similar manner like cityhits.

Brought to you by Elodin, with support from the Staff of WoTmud. Happy gaming!

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Re: The New Fading System for Darkside

Postby Giramael » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:26 am

When you can gain altqp - a clarification/revision

Clanning/ranking: from 1000 qps
Endorsements from Chosen: from 1000 qps
Ta/Sei kill: from 1000 qps
Justice turn ins: from 1000 qps
Hooded quests: from 1500 qps
Plotting: from 1500 qps
City heads: from 1500 qps

Effective immediately.

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Re: The New Fading System for Darkside

Postby Rhydian » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:39 pm

200 altqps maximum from new notable targets (each target repeatable once only)*
- See plotting myrddraal in Thakan'dar for details

Just to clear up some confusion: these targets can be turned in TWICE. So please keep a record of it, as any more will be docked severely as stated above. Thanks.

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