An addition to the ranks.

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An addition to the ranks.

Postby Elysia » Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:59 pm

The blood on the trolloc's armor and blade was still sticky when he approached Shaidar Haran. It had not yet had time to dry completely, even in the Blight's heated climate.

Shaidar Haran hisses 'You want to prove your worth to the Great Lord?'

The trolloc nodded.

The way had already been cleared for Toribio. The entire pit radiated power. The beast quaffed the concoction and leapt downward, the heat of the Pit's contents rushing past him as he fell. The Great Lord recognized the value of this particular minion and he was reborn as one of the Myrddraal.

The hand of the Shadow grows ever stronger...

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