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Regarding Malfeasor, Justice and other uniques

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:43 pm
by Razhak
To all beasts and minions of the Great Lord's hordes,

A brief reminder regarding the handling of both Malfeasor and Justice, since there appears to be some confusion.

For Malfeasor, the axe is to be used by whomever gets it after recovering it from where it is being held by Lightside scum. If the group decides to give it to you, you are tasked to kill witches with it. If you decide you no longer want it or do not have time to play it, you are free to hand it off to a fellow trolloc. You are not, under any circumstances, to trade it for personal gain.

For Justice, this sword is amongst the strongest weapons found in the ill-fated fight against the Great Lord. When recovered it is to be returned to its guardians in Deception Pass at the soonest possible occasion. If one does not know the specifics of where and how to return it, one is to hand it to someone who does know it, or one should contact a Chosen at the first possible occasion. At no time or circumstance is this weapon to be returned into the hands of any human or Seanchan (apart from LD-rip returns) to be used into their battles again. Anyone caught at doing so, will be subject to immediate and gruesome punishment to be meted out to the full extent of the Great Lord's generals abilities.

For all other unique items gained in group pk, the splitting of them should be handled in this order: Chosen -> Remort -> Master -> Clanned -> Worm. The person who can and will benefit the Great Lord's cause the most by receiving said item should receive it, but that decision rests with whomever is involved at the time. Regardless of the split, the item is not to be traded for personal gain. If you decide you no longer want it or do not have time to play it, you are free to hand it off to a fellow trolloc or remort. You are not to give it to anyone not in the service of the Great Lord, under pain of death.

If you feel someone has acted in a way that is not fair, I suggest you kill them and solve the issue yourself. If you believe someone has acted in a way that goes against the Great Lord's cause, feel free to contact a Chosen.

Razhak the Myrddraal
on behalf of the Chosen