The Futility of Hope

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The Futility of Hope

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:51 pm

Maeltor examined the whip presented to him by Deimos and Arkan. It was frayed and tattered and the hand that still held it had the look of the Saldaean color. It still bore the mark of the Dhai'mon.

Their report troubled him. Even as the Great Lord's hand changed the land, the continued incursions and a renewed and reinvigorated presence of the Saldaean Cavalry needed to be stopped. "Spread word to the rest of the clans," he snarled. "I will reward for the return of these whips which the Saldaean army has stolen from us. Their presence in Irinjavar, their presence in Kandor is not acceptable. Route them and kill them. These are my lands. Kill the Saldaean soldier that carries the whip bearing the mark of the Dhai'mon and return it to me."

The Master Torturers nodded and shuffled off to the Blasted Lands to spread the word.

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