The Horde Moves

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The Horde Moves

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:13 am

The myrddraal led his merry band of trollocs and they collected many scalps as they traveled down toward the Caralain plains. After ransacking a private domain they found the tracks of a hapless victim leading two oxen. The limbs that they strew about the entrance to the mine were the poor sap. They quickly began work to extract the veins of the iron ore to replenish the armory of the horde.

The second faceless man stepped out of the shadows and pointed at the first already stationed there. In the ruined stables the walls of Lugard were visible to the south. The three trollocs in tow quickly followed the first and the second stepped back into the shadows before exchanging a quick word about retaking the entirety of the place.

The farmhouse they entered was long abandoned, but the lingering aroma of tremalking black hung strong in the air. At the top of the house the myrddraal peered out at the expanse and noted the Tarendrelle in the distance. He nodded to the trollocs with him and they relaxed--they took shelter at the view and closed the hatch to the basement, not even bothering to check if it led further.

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