Sups Up

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Sups Up

Postby Voices of the Wheel » Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:42 am

You say 'Dem humanz be dyin' plenty. Blood for everyone.'

You are carrying:
a stained flask of human blood
a stained flask of human blood
a package of iron rations
a thin vial of yellow fluid
a backpack
three copper pennys
a skin of human flesh
a slice of bread
a raw side of meat
a hunk of beef
a mutton shank

You drink the human blood.
Aaaah, that hit the spot... you feel refreshed.

You say 'Is delicious!'

You say 'Come buy some!'

You have played 0 days and 2 hours (real time).
This ranks you as a beady-eyed trolloc (Level 85).
You are standing.


1 ta 12 1 ta 11
If I feels like it.


Please note: trolloc butchers and shopkeeps have filled up flasks with human blood and they're for sale. Check out these bloody hot deals!

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