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Standard of behavior - Read

Postby Zangief » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:37 pm

I will outline for you how you are expected to behave. This is not a request, this is how it will be so read carefully and pay attention.

When one of the Chosen, or your respective clan master, calls for you to go somewhere you will set out for there immediately. If you have issues that will delay you, such as being tired from a long trip or wounded from recent action, inform them of this immediately and tell them you will arrive as soon as possible. Leaving and going to your bed to sleep is not an option, you were created to serve and serve you shall. Often you will not be made aware of why you are needed prior to this, there are reasons for such secrecy. Rest assured you will be informed of your goal in person upon your arrival. The important thing is for you to arrive in a timely fashion, as events move at a rapid pace and your masters do not have unlimited time to wait for you.

When, during fighting, a human dies and his possessions are recovered do NOT ask about them then. There will be more than ample time to be concerned with gaining new pretties once the human forces have been eradicated. Remain focused upon the task at hand and follow your orders.

If you are not involved in the current action, whatever possessions were recovered are none of your business, and you will incur great wrath upon yourself by presuming to ask about them. In other words, if you aren't there mind your business.

When the fighting is over, from this moment forward, every single piece of equipment taken from the lifeless bodies of our fallen foes will be given to one of the leaders of the battle. It is your job as followers to ensure each corpse is looted/scalped, but the final distribution of said items will be left to the leader. Too many times in the past few days i've had situations where precious items or trophies were unaccounted for. This will not happen again.

If you are following someone during battle, you will do everything in your power to remain with that person. There will be no more going off on your own to be greedy. This often results in your being walked right inside the gate of a human city, or leaving your brothers shorthanded during the chase. It places other lives in jeapordy and risks the tide of battle turning against us. It will not be tolerated.

If you are a member of one of the clans, failure to adhere to these regulations may result in the loss of a clan rank, along with the accumulated measure of that rank, or in extreme instances total removal from your clan with your previous clan mates ordered to hunt you down and end your life. If you are not a member of one of the clans, you have even less protection. You will not be considered to be in a clan until such time as you prove you have learned, which will take considerable time. You run the risk of the entire might of the Shadow being set against you.

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