Refresh vials & herbs - DS specific

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Refresh vials & herbs - DS specific

Postby Giramael » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:16 am

Following smobs/mobs refresh vial loads have either been added or increased:
Winding Troopers

6 of these smobs did not load a vial before. The others ranged from 10-15%. You can expect roughly a 25% load on average across these now. Rene and Deranged Ogier already loaded higher than 25% and were not adjusted.

Now additionally loading herb ingredients for refresh vials:

On these you'll get flatwort at about 50%. Ivy and Kaf 35%. Don't forget the loads on the ground up north, ask around if you don't know them. Don't forget Lockshear does load herbs still too, though I appreciate the difficulty of obtaining them is harder than in the past - am hoping these few new loads offset that until Lockshear can be looked at as a whole (long term thing, too may other things require attention from me first).

Bug fix:
Looks like only 1.trooper had any chance to load a vial. Fixed.

Thought you might enjoy seeing a few %s for a change. Probably don't get used to it :P

DS shop vial loads were adjusted several weeks back. Personally felt they had been made too low and therefore I restored to much more generous %s. Shop loads won't be adjusted further - I believe they are adequate.

Get stuck in and explore all the avenues for refresh vials, I really do feel there are enough to go around now. You will have to put in a bit of effort but those that do should definitely be rewarded. (I'd definitely encourage trollocs to look outside the north too - black flames give you opportunities to muscle in on human resources/loads).

Report any issues to me, thanks.

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