To all beasts and minions of the Great Lord's horde

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To all beasts and minions of the Great Lord's horde

Postby Razhak » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:45 pm

The corpses of our fallen beasts and minions are there to remind us of their failings in carrying out the Great Lord's wishes and their flesh and blood may be used to sustain us through times of hunger and thirst.

It is not allowed however to desecrate their memories by chopping off their heads and carrying them around as where they trophies of war and conquest. If one might make a mistake in their bloodlust and removes the head of one of our fallen, we urge them to leave it there to rest with the other remains so that the worms may feast on it for the Great Lord's glory!

Any beast of minion of the Great Lord's hordes who is caught doing so on purpose will have to answer to me or the other Chosen and will be subject to the punishment of our whims, only limited by our leniency (up and to death and/or warranting).

Heed this warning!

Razhak the Chosen

PS on an ooc note I invite our friends of the BG clans to reissue their decree about same side scalping as well so that this is a clear statement that this is a form of griefing frowned upon in northern PK.

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